Interface converters

12-port RS485 Concentrator

12-port RS485 Concentrator

Ports options: RS485, RS232 or Current loop. Almost any combinations.

Power supply voltage 4,5 ... 28 V (< 1 W)

Custom firmware, e.g. extender for access control system.

USB-RS422/RS485 USB-RS232

Baud rate: up to 3Mbs

RS422/RS485 mode (jumper selection)
Various appliance load (jumper selection)

Latest drivers and hardware description at our support page

USBR2 - USB - 2 x RS485 Converter

Option 1. USB - 2 x RS485 Converter plus 14 VDC 110 mA output

Option 2. Data acquisition and control unit for 62 modules controlled by USB

Option 3. RS485 to RS485 protocol converter (no USB). External power supply 4,5 ... 28 V