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Electronics Design OU principal activity is research, development and manufacturing of electronic hardware, software and systems on demand. The firm was established in 1994 in Tallinn (Estonia). Since this time we have developed several hundreds of various devices, programs and systems.

Main products of the company are:
  • access control and security systems and components,
  • equipment for control centers and dispatching services,
  • corporate communication systems,
  • GNSS GSM/GPRS trackers and GNSS tools,
  • GSM controllers,
  • industrial electronics,
  • equipment for physically challenged.



Main customers of the company are system integrators in EU and Russia.

Among end users of our production are emergency services, hospitals, police, army, prisons, security companies, banks, hotels, factories, power plants, railroads, private persons.

Research and Development expertise of the company includes embedded system design, analog and digital design, software development, signal processing, microcontrollers and DSP programming, FPGA and ASIC design.

Manufacturing capabilities include prototyping and batch production.

Additionally, we provide installation supervision of the devices presented on the site, search for a scope for your devices, guarantee maintenance and support.

Dr. Aleksander Girfanov - Director

Andrei Guljajev - developer

Tatjana Girfanova - engineer

Sergei Lupehkin - design engineer

Aleksander Melnikov - engineer

Tatjana Guljajeva - software tester

The company presentation 2021

EDE2021 (pdf file 4.3 MB)


Office: Tuulemäe 5, Tallinn, 11411, Estonia

Phone: +372 605 30 60
E-mail: electronics@electronics.ee




AEKS (Estonia)
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