Broadcast system for prisons


System is designed for audio signals translation from audiocenter and microphone to room speakers. System has remote control based on personal computer or guard terminal device for turning on (off) translation network's subscribers and audio source selection. System has build-on diagnostic facilities of power supply statements and connection cables integrity.

System contents:

  • Audiocenter
  • Microphone
  • Switchboard
  • Communication device / fader
  • Computer with graphical software or guard terminal
  • Active room speakers with power supplies

Each active room speaker (ARS) has 4W power amplifier with volume control, automatic scheme (for processing commands from audiocenter), four input clamps (two for audio signal, and other two for power supply). In off statement speaker does not consume current practically. Speaker's design is co-ordinated with customer. Each power supply (PS) is used for feeding up to 10 speakers. There is one (two, three) 10-paired DIN-terminals KRONE in PS case for audio cables connection and two 10-paired terminals for ARS feeding. One conductor pair is used for automatical power control from switchboard. Dimensions: 325 X 160 X 70 mm.

Functions of switchboard:

- Receiving commands from PC or Terminal;
- Allocating signals from sources to ARS;
- Controlling PS and ARS connections.

Signal cables are connected with switchboard with DIN-terminals help. Switchboard's (up to 150 channels) dimensions: 460 x 460 x 250 mm. Computer (terminal) is connected with switchboard through Communication Device (CD). Audio signal's sources are connected with CD too. Maximum range between switchboard and CD - 100m. Software graphical interface is represented itself as installation plan with established speakers. Off speakers and defective PS are shown in red color; to turn the speaker on you have to press the corresponding icon. Pressing and holding spacebar or mouse left button is turning microphone on. Last speaker's states are saved during computer shutdown and when computer is restarted all speakers set to they last states automatically.

Software general features:

- Speaker's grouping (up to 12) for combined control;
- Password protected multi-level access to program;
- Log file keeping

All these functions could be released in Terminal device with taken up menus help. Terminal has 20 x 4 digits indicator and 12-key keyboard.

System features:

Ability to send private message to one (selected group) translation point, other points could be connected to audiocenter or turned off at the same time; diagnostic facilities of power supply statements and connection cables integrity; duplex-connection is too possible; low-level signals do not disturb any other gear; high system survivorship - one SP death does not kill the system. Current disappearing or switchboard breakage switches system to emergency mode: all speakers are connected to guard microphone.