Voice changer

Voice changer is intended for protection of the witness during litigation.



The witness sits in the isolated room, his voice is transferred to a boardroom changed, so that it could not be identified, but that speech remained legible.

  • Supply voltage: 8 … 24 VDC
  • Sound input for electret microphone
  • Sound output differential 600 Om
  • RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 for programming
  • Size 100 x 60 x 25 mm

Analog-to-digital, digital-to-analogue conversion and signal distortion are made by the digital signal processor. For the distortion the signal is passed through a chain of modulators and filters on the algorithm developed by the company..

Audio-Ethernet converter



The device transforms a voice-frequency signal to Ethernet and back.

Serves for sound transfer and reception on distance through the Internet or a local network, using TCP/IP protocol. It is applied in corporate communication systems. Such two devices can work independently in a server-client mode.

Ethernet: 10/10 Mbps
Pass-band: 300 Hz - 3.4 kHz

Alarm system for server rooms



The alarm system device listens to acoustic noise of the equipment working in a server room.

In case of the raised or unusual noise it transfers an alarm signal. Device is connected to the server or monitoring PC through LAN or Internet.

Alarm system for oil-fuel pipeline



The pipeline alarm system consists of the microphones established on the pipeline through some kilometers from each other.

The information is transferred to the central computer and analyzed. The system fixes blows and damages, localizes their place.