Security and Access Control components

Door lock module

This module is used for lock-gate organization (up to 3 doors). It could be successfully used for remote door control too.

Module has three groups of contacts:

  • door group: for electric lock, door call button, door sensor connection
  • control group: for call indicator, call buzzer, door statement indicator, door open button connection
  • enable/disable group of inputs and outputs

Work with one door: enable/disable inputs and outputs do not used; visitor press door call button, duty receives that signal and opens the door. Work with two/three doors (lock-gate): enable/disable inputs and outputs of modules are connected to each other, thereby, any door could not be opened, if other one is opened already. Status LEDs show, which door is opened right now. Relay contacts of door lockers are designed for current consumption of 220V 6A. Relay open time's limit prevents lock' heat damage.

Accumulator coupler

Used for connection of power supply, accumulator and output load.

Device provides:

- uninterruptable 12 VDC 3 A power supply;
- 12 V battery charging;
- Power, power failure and charging led indicators;
- battery discharge protector;
- external emergency device launching;

Phone automatic dialer

Phone Dialer is used to call and send voice alarm message to programmed subscribers in case of incoming alerts.


- Alarm message duration: 16 sec
- Number of subscribers: 1..6
- Number of digits in dialed number: 18 (including pauses)
- Dialing mode: pulse, tone (DTMF)
- Alert active signal level: programmable
- Set/unset control: automatically or manually (telephone keys)
- One subscribe dialing cycles: 2
- Busy tone analyze
- Full dialing cycles: up to 11
- Power supply: 9-14V
- Current consumption: standby 15mA, dialing 50mA, sending voice message 70mA
- 10 000 hours non-volatile data retention
- Programming device: telephone with tone dialing
- Phone line galvanic isolation

Relay modules

Relay modules is used for communication between guard devices (controllers) and process execution modules.

On-door speakerphone controller

Used to extend abilities of single on-door speakerphone. Controller is connected with keypad and local PBX. When the key is pressed, controller calls to the phone number, corresponding to the selected apartments, and waits command to open door lock.

12VDC to 24VDC converter

Pulse DC/DC converter with high efficiency, output current - 1A. Used for 24V electrical locks control from 12V

Precision 50Hz clock

This device generates pulses of stable frequency 50 Hz in the presence of unstable frequency on input. Usage: imported equipment adaptation to Estonian (other post Soviet) mains. Time error: ~15 sec per month

Power supplies

Power supplies with transformer inputs and battery charge circuits:

- 13,8 VDC / 0,5 A
- 13,8 VDC / 1 A
- 13,8 VDC / 3 A (high frequency)

Programmable delay

Device is provided with two launch input with operating voltage 0-24V, three relay outputs (5A, 5A, 1A) and three led indicators.

Delay can selected in binary code at ranges: 1..16 s, 1..16 min or 5..80 min.

Device can provided with 12-key keyboard.

DTMF Communicator

DTMF communicator is used for sending alarm messages to guarding center through telephone line.

Principle of operation:

Communicator is connected to power supply, safety-alarm device and telephone line release. Device has four alarm inputs: ALM1, ALM2, ALM3, ALM4. Normal statement of those inputs is high potential (5..12V) or open condition. Case alarm (low potential on inputs ALM1..ALM4 or short condition) the device disconnects telephone and makes call to predefined phone number and sends alarm message; if call is unsuccessful, device repeats an attempt. It was possible to define two phone numbers of security centers, alarm on ALM1 and ALM2 will cause sending message to the one phone number, on ALM3 or ALM4 to another.For programming the device is used simple utility ContactIDCom.

Technical information:

Alarm inputs 4
Dialed phone numbers 2
Exchange protocol: Ademco Contact ID Protocol SIA DC-05-1999.09
Attempts to dial 3
Supply voltage 9..12 V
Current consumption 40 mA

Microphone amplifier

Microphone amplifier is used for microphone signal transmission within range up 100m. Generally used together with monitoring cameras.


Battery discharge guard

Battery discharge guard (BDP) has five terminal blocks: three of them are relay contacts, two - power supply. Relay contacts turns on if the battery voltage is over 11.5V, and turns off if less than 9.3V; thereby, BDP prevents battery full discharge and provides undisturbed operation of guarding devices.