GPS GSM/GPRS tracker "Tracer" for vehicles

Target Applications

Guard, Control (e.g. a heater), Fleet management, eCall, Custom.

Key features and benefits Applied solutions
Very precise tracking Special Adaptive Tracking Technology
Compactness and easy installation All antennas are hidden inside
High sensitivity of GNSS Big GNSS antenna and clever EMC design
Reliable GSM connection Specially developed slot antenna
Vitality Ability to work both in GSM and GPRS

The Tracer is compatible with the free internet tracking servers:


Dimensions 80 х 56,5 х 25 mm
Weight 130 g
Supply Voltage 8 … 30 VDC.
Supply Current - 50 mA @ 12 VDC
Built-in Backup battery with permanent charging 550 mAh
External Inputs: 2 x Digital + 2 x Analog (12 and 24 V options);
Internal Inputs: Supply Voltage;
Built-in accelerometer for Movement, Acceleration, Turn, Inactivity and Crash detection
Output: 1 x High-end 1A with protection
Interface: RS485 for programming (optional CAN)
Log memory: 4 Mb


Sends coordinates and alarm messages via GPRS (TCP and UDP), SMS, Ring, Voice message, Contact ID, DTMF
Accepts commands received via Ring, DTMF, SMS, CSD and GPRS
4 switchable Timers for various scenarios
Remote programming and Firmware upgrade via CSD (GSM DATA).

Programming Tools:

GSM Config – Program to configure and firmware upgrade. Can be down loaded from support page.
USB422 – USB-RS485 converter for programming. Any other RS485 converter may be used too.

Example of GSM Config window

Option for containers:

Solar cells powered modules with unlimited operating time

Examples of tracking:

- File in PDF format (from

GNSS Controller for mobile mapping and Road quality measurement

Contribution of company in the project is development of precise positioning subsystem for the laboratory vehicle. As a result GNSS controller and supporting software were developed.

GNSS controller's primary application is work in road quality measurement system.

It can also be used for Mobile Mapping. It triggers two cameras and measures position of each picture with accuracy 0.5 meter and time with accuracy 1 ms.

Controller implements following functions

  • Measures positions using GNSS receiver and SBAS or GPRS DGPS correction
  • Provides periodic pulses for two camera triggering. Period can be set as time interval, distance measured by GNSS or number of pulses from optional external odometer
  • Measures UTC time of each trigger pulse
  • Transmits GNSS coordinates and trigger information to computer. Computer program precisely calculate coordinates and time of each trigger pulse using specially developed interpolation.

Technical Specification

  • Position measurement accuracy of each frame: 0.5 m RMS @ speed up to 100 km/h
  • GNSS Distance measurement accuracy: 0.2% (0-50 km/h); 0.1% (50 - 100 km/h)
  • Time measurement resolution: 1 ms
  • Maximum working speed:120 km/h
  • Maximum camera triggering frequency: 250 fps and 125 fps

Program-configurator is available on support page


Pointer consists of GPS receiver, GSM/GPRS modem, microcontroller, events memory, battery up to 2.7 Ah, analog and digital inputs, high-current outputs, microphone input, 1 W speaker output and battery charger. Size of Pointer does not exceed the size of ordinary mobile phone.

Pointer is good solution for vehicle tracking and controlling, may be used by private persons, security and fleets. Special program kit is included.



The built-in program does all functions as GSMM1, also controls battery fullness and power availability. This makes the program unique as these characteristics enable it sending the last message until the battery runs completely empty and then the gadget is turned off.

All GSM/GPRS devices can be diagnosed, upgraded and set through GSM.

Sending voice messages, messages via protocol ADEMCO Contact ID.

The Pointer is compatible with the free and internet tracking options. The rate at which positions are sent to these servers can be controlled from the owners mobile phone. If required, gprs transmissions to the internet can be disabled when the cars position is not required.

Both services provide real time and historical car positions on Google map and satellite displays. For business users, who require more advanced tracking features, additional services are available for a fixed monthly fee. The gpsgate option also allows a choice over software hosting, either on the Franson server or on the owners own server through software purchase. The Pointer is also compatible with the option available in Estonia.

Brief descriptions are available on support page
Program-configurator is available on support page
GPS Bridge - special program, that enables the user to communicate with Pointer with GSM modem or mobile phone help is available on support page

Personal GPS GSM/GPRS tracker


  • 1. Charging indicator (yellow). Led burns while charging in process; blinks when accumulator is full charged.
  • 2. GPS indicator (red). Led burns while tracker is searching satellites; blinks when tracker defines location; turned off if coordinates are not determined.
  • 3. Microphone.
  • 4. Panic button.
  • 5. GSM indicator (green). Led burns while tracker sends alarm message; blinks when GSM is ready; turned off if GSM network is down or SIM error.
  • 6. USB cable for device programming.
  • 7. Power switch and micro USB socket.

General features:

  • Weight within strap 50 g, with strap - 75 g.
  • Operating time - up 48 hours.
  • Current position watching on PC or on mobile phone. History.
  • Alarm messages transmission and remote actuation of microphone.
  • Controlled through DTMF, SMS, CSD, GPRS commands.
  • Build-in accelerometer.
  • Build-in events memory.

Program-configurator is available on support page

Professional GPS tool

Measures co-ordinates, stores them in NV memory and/or transmits using GPRS

Precision - less 1 m. Differential GPS correction from GPRS.

Bluetooth and USB for programming.>