Software package for stenography



Software package consists of two programs: recording program Stenograph and Player.

Recording program is used for sound recording from outside mixer coming to line in or microphone inputs of computer.

At once sound is recorded from one source only (Line in or Mic), but for convenience, there are six virtual sources with own names and independent folder paths for saving recorded files. Recorded file output is MP3.





In "options" window you can define the quality of mp3 file.

To simplify stenographer's work, the program records the sound as one big file and as a set of short file parts. Each short file starts with several seconds of the previous one. You can define duration of short files yourself.

Program has additional opportunities such as backup, turning record on by VOX, automatic recording pause in case that no sound is audibled.





Through recording routine you can adjust the level of sound too.





Sound playback in player could be controlled with special footswitch, connected with PC via serial port, or with predefined automatic replies.





Software was specially developed for meetings stenography of Latvian parliament. Any changes could be made according customer request.