Loop Inductions Systems

Induction Loop System is intended for people with hearing problems, who use hearing-aid. Most of those devices have induction coil for receiving phone handset loudspeaker magnetic emanation. Induction loops radiate analogous fields, but for larger coverage. Usage of ILS: churches, medical offices, booking offices and other public places, passenger traffic including taxi. In most Europe countries the law obliges supply public places with ILS. This symbol lets disabled people to know that this place has ILS and they can switch their hearing-aid to induction coil.

Induction Loop Amplifier

Used for field with strength 100 mA/m and covers up to 250 square meters. It has two inputs; each of them could be configured with jumpers as line input, microphone single ended or differential input. Besides, it has two additional logical inputs, which control build-on melodies playback. Those inputs could be used for alerts of door bell, phone ringing and other ways.

Three indicators and three regulators make device installation much easiest. Device has brackets for wall and table installation.

Loop Field Strength Meter

Used for ILS installations. It has indicator for field strength control at range of 46 dB and output for headphones.