GSM / GPRS controller - GSMCTRL02




GSMCTRL02 controller expands the intercom capabilities by calling one or more mobile phones of the apartment residents.

Intercom model, call duration, DTMF codes for opening the doors are programmed. Database of the telephone numbers is loaded via FTP.

GSM / GPRS controller - GSMDU

GSMDU – the universal device which can be used for protection, monitoring and management. For example, automatic phone dialer; communicator with the security panel; remote control for domestic appliances, gate or barrier remote opening; standalone alarm and access control system; etc. It has also built in switching mode power regulator and 12 V battery charger.

Supply voltage: 220 VAC
Battery: 12V (1-7Ah)
Output 12V 0.7 A
Programming interface: RS485 or RS232




Inputs: 8 (depends on customer purposes)
- 8 optically isolated inputs
- 2 optically isolated and 6 analog inputs
- 2 optically isolated , 5 analog, 1 wire inputs
- others

Outputs: 4 - open collector outputs 50 мА 30 VDC
- rely output 1A 30 VDC

Microphone input-output, 1W amplifier.
Card reader or LED display interface

The built-in program does all functions as GSMM: sending out alarm or information messages through SMS, calls, voice messages, DTMF, CSD, GPRS; information exchange trough ADEMCO Contact Id protocol; reception of the commands accepted through SMS, DTMF, CSD and GPRS; saving log events in 4MB Data Flash; also controls battery fullness and power availability. This makes the program unique as these characteristics enable it sending the last message until the battery runs completely empty and then the gadget is turned off.

All GSM/GPRS devices can be diagnosed, upgraded and set through GSM.

GSM / GPRS controller - GSMM

GSMM – miscellaneous device, which could be used in various ways: safety-alarm , monitoring and control systems. As an example: automatic phone dialer; communicator of alarm receiver; remote control for domestic appliances; remote control for barrier; etc.





Hardware details:

- 4 open collector outputs / isolated inputs;
- six 10-bit ADC or general purpose inputs;
- RS485 interface;
- Hadsfree input-output, 1W amplifier.
- Audio interface and digital interface between microcontroller and GSM module

Firmware provides sending of alarm messages through SMS, rings, voice messages, CSD and commands through SMS, DTMF, CSD and GPRS; storing events to DATA FLASH.

Device could be equipped with set of terminal boards with various input/output circuits, within or without power backup.

More details available are on support page

GSM modem TxRx

RS232 interface - only TxD and RxD
Supply voltage - 7,5 - 30 VDC
GSM module - Enfora IIIG
Antenna connector - SMA

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RS232 / 485 GSM modem

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USB GSM modem

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PCI modem

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