Modular conductivity meter

Conductivity meter prototype consists of a set of modules. It is intended for research, students education and use as a base for development of commercial products. The prototype was developed and manufactured with cooperation with other RTD partners, such as Riga Technical University (algorithms), AS Mertosert (implementation of the algorithms in high level software. planar sensors development and manufacturing, participatinon in tests), Tallinn Technical University (technical support).

Contribution of Electronics Design is development of electronic hardware, firmware, computer software, system integration and testing. Firmware inside the DSP module consists of two main parts: bootloader and application program. The application program implements communication functions, setup and data acquisition. The bootloader is used for firmware upgrade through the USB port and for application program debugging.

The computer software also consists of two parts: control/ data acquisition software (SafeMetal Tester program) and data processing software. The SafeMetal Tester performs communication with the hardware, configuration and setup, data acquisition, data preprocessing, test and calibration.

The set of interface adapters

pin to pin compatible with X-port ( and Ne-Port (

More about SafeMetal project

Ethernet – X-port and Ne-port


RS232 RS485