Wind speed measuring



Wind speed measuring is used for crane tower operator notifications when speed of wind is higher than permitted. Also system provides voice communication between operator and dispatcher via GSM, and makes history of measured data. System can be extended for notification another crane operator using only one wind measuring device.

Crane tower is provided with wind-gauge, which has pulse output, and control device based on Pointer (see picture above). On the front cover you can find power led, three speed of wind indicators, buzzer, buzzer off button, call dispatcher button, speaker and microphone. System uses GPS receiver for time synchronization.

The device measures speed of wind and places data to the memory, then compares with preset thresholds. If the speed is higher, device will call the dispatcher, send SMS or make call to any predefined mobile phone.Special program WM (WindMeater) is used for downloading and storing data from Wind speed measuring. Data exchange between device and computer is realized through GSM data (CSD) or UDP telegrams.

Another applications of GSM modules

Automatic wild animals feeder
Handles wild animals feeding in forests. Has built in luminance sensor. Switches the feeder on and off with the approach of night. Also has possibility of remote handling.

Barriers and gates handler
Handles barriers, gates. This function is carried out with a mobile phone. User does not pay for a transportable call as the unit recognizes entering number during the ring and doesn't start connection. Handle of two or more devices is carried out by a DTMF call.

Security systems
GSMDU modules are used both as alarm panels and as central station. Alarm panel modules are equipped with card readers to set and unset protection. Central station module is equipped with a special LED display to monitor up to 12 objects. Alarm panels send alarm messages to central station using GTMF. It is very cheap if you use special corporate GSM package and do not pay constantly for conversation in the company.