International projects - UNDERSAFE

FP7 UnderSafe project is intended to provide a unique easy to operate and maintain system for automatic monitoring of safety and environmental conditions of touristic underground attractions.

The underground tourism is gaining more and more popularuty. Nowadays there are 1724 underground activities in Erope, each with average staff of 5 workers per place and 15000 of visitors per year. Though due to its nature such kind of activities represent a danger: people can get lost, gas exposure, lack of air, rock falling, terrain movement are possible. So, the general idea of the project is to develop a safety system which will detect and provide early warning about those possible danger conditions.

The system has the following architecture: there are so called Static nodes , which are to be located in the upper limits of the walls along the underground space. Each node has to be situated sight-to-sight with at least 2 nodes, accomplishing the communication channel. Special Mobile nodes will be worn by visitors. Those nodes will communicate with static nodes.

System propeties:
  • Only power wire is required;
  • Low cost including maintenance costs;
  • Robustness: IP compliant for hazardous ambient;
  • Static node sensible to temperature, humidity, light, pressure, sound and gas (O, CO, CO2);
  • Static nodes for vibration sensing and landslide detection
  • Mobile nodes.

The project is coordinated by Innowacja Polska Sp z o.o. (Poland), besides company participates in definition of the market needs, as well as in many design, development and construction activities.

EDMA Innova S.L.(Spain) participates in development of monitoring software, and guider node software on PDA, also has a relevant role for the Ground sensor development, which implies hardware development and signal processing.

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) brings their experience in the field of mining engineering.

Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland) contributes in the project as end-user, providing its expertise during the system definition and design.

Electronics Design Ltd. (Estonia) as company with long expertise on wireless electronics, leads static and mobile nodes development providing the base designs.

ArtHaus (Macedonia) leads software development and contributes by artificial intelligence tools selection. They will maintain software and improve it during commercialization.

Interkonsult Ltd. (UK) contributes to exploitation on marketing and sales force.

EC Electronics Sp z o.o. (Poland) provides essential manufacturer perspective into the development of static and mobile nodes, including feedback on sensing specifications, algorithms for vibration sensing and housing design.

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