IP dialer

Dimensions, mm: 113x83x27
Removable mounting on DIN rail or plastic feet

Management, programming, upgrade is carried out through the computer network (TCP sockets). The device has built-in memory for storing short messages with a total duration of up to 4.5 minutes.

Operation LED indicator:

On power-up - flashes briefly red and green.
In standby mode - flashes green with a period of 4 seconds.

When the line is connected, signals are decoded in real time, with the following LED states:

  • Green on - PBX tone
  • Green off - no signal / weak signal
  • Red on - voice or DTMF

  • Notation:

    • 1 - Telephone line
    • 2 - Reset button
    • 3 - Two-color LED indicator
    • 4 - Power connector 5 VDC or 9-28 VDC
    • 5 - Ethernet RJ45


    The device has a simple set of commands and can be used in any complex software products. You can order software development from us or develop it yourself.

    For example, program called "Bell", developed by russian IT firm:

    System consists of four IP dialers and one gsm modem of our production. The program provides notification of employees of the enterprise to 16 programmed scenarios. Each employee can be notified by up to three own phone numbers and via SMS. The program also records the employee's response to ensure that the employee has been notified. Scenarios can be run either manually or by schedule.